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09/10/2022 Club Meeting Minutes

Woo hoo it’s the 2022-2023 snowmobile season!

Rockabema Snow Rangers began with a landowner’s appreciation dinner, we know that without them we would not have a snowmobiling season. THANK YOU, landowners!

Bob Howes- President started out our club meeting by introducing Ron Blum from Katahdin Area Trail’s. Ron was asking for support to create a new trail system in Patten. These trails would be for those would like to enjoy the woods and like to walk/bike in the area. RSR members voted to support Katahdin Area Trails thinking that this would improve the visitors in the area. Below is a map of the proposed area.

Dan reviewed the Treasure's report. (will in a separate post). I reviewed the Secretary's report.

Key points from the meeting are the following:

  • We were successfully able to obtain fuel reimbursement from 2021.

  • RSR also got the State grant meaning that we have moved forward with the purchase of the 2012 Pistonbulley 400! Bob shared that we are able to do this because of the grant and we sold the Ford.

  • We will be doing another snowmobile raffle of a 2023 Skidoo. This will hopefully help us pay off the new groomer.

  • Our website is now up and running. This will hopefully allow us to gain more members for the years to come.

  • Jon shared that we will need to build a brand new trail due to logging. on a section of ITS 112. He is thinking is will cost around 2K, someone local will be sawing up the lumber.

  • Dee explained that we are selling MSA tickets, they are $1 each. We are trying to get to 150+ members this year, last year we got to 136.

  • Landowners asked is planned to participate in the drag races this year- we are. We were able to get $1500 from this last year.

  • It was mentioned that we needed to review the board members. This was asked to be tabled to the next week.

We didn't have a very long meeting due to Landowners being present and we wanted to be conscious of their time.

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