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November 2022 Minutes

What a fantastic turn out we had! Our potluck dinner was delicious, thank you everyone!

We began our meeting with the usual treasures report from Dan as well as a recap from our secretary, Krissy. We did not have an official meeting in October due to not having enough folks present.

The board had met earlier and voted to keep Robert (Bob) Howes, Travis Libby, Jon Harvey, Phil Sherman, and Laura Kenney as board members. During our club meeting we were asked to voted on either keeping Charlene Fraser as board member electing Krissy Ruttenberg the new secretary. We end resulted in electing Krissy (by vote); the thought was keeping the board member position with the secretary.

Rockabema would like to host a groomer show in February with the other local clubs. We would like to offer groomer rides to the children, food, and allow time for the clubs to be together. There is still a lot of work that would need to be done before anything is finalized.

We will be reviewing our bi laws at our December meeting and making changes as needed.

Jon Harvey wanted to thank all the volunteers that came out and helped build our bridge, it was very much appreciated!!

Well, that wraps up the summary of our meeting. I suspect our next meeting will have a lot more snow on the ground then we already have.

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